12165 | 15 & 40 Series 4 Hole - Standard Plastic Hinge with Snap Cover

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Product Description

The 4 hole - standard plastic hinge with snap cover is made of fiberglass-reinforced black nylon with a die-cast zinc pin. It has a snap-on cover that hides the mounting hardware to provide a clean look. It is commonly used to connect plastic panels and lightweight doors to T-slot profiles. The suggested hardware to mount the hinge to a T-slot profile can be found on the "Suggested Hardware" tab.


Series :15 Series, 40 Series
Material :Nylon PA Glass Fiber Reinforced
Grade :PA6GF30
Color :Black
Process :Injection Molded
Max Load :20 Nm / 14.7 ft-Lbs.
A :45.50mm
B :56.00mm
C :36.00mm
D :36.75mm
E :22.75mm
F :10.20mm
G :6.40mm
H :10.50mm
J :n/a
K :20.00mm
L :8.00mm
M :62.80mm
N :38.60mm
Weight :0.121000

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