14192 | 15, 30, 40, & 45 Series Lite Panel Mount Block

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Product Description

The lite panel mount block is made of nylon and can be used to mount a panel flush with a profile edge or on the profile surface. The lite panel mount block is a cost-effective option that increases stability of the mounted panel while also reducing vibration. The lite panel mount block is easy to use and simplifies the process of adding or removing plastic panels. The suggested bolt assembly to mount the block to the T-slot can be found on the "Suggested Hardware" tab. The hardware to mount the panel to the block should be based on the panel type and thickness. Note: A spacer block may be needed for certain extrusion and panel configurations.


Series :15 Series, 30 Series, 40 Series, 45 Series
Material :Nylon
Process :Injection Molded
Color :Black
A :25.00mm
B :15.00mm
C :8.00mm
D :25.00mm
E :10.00mm
F :18.50mm
G :9.50mm
H :1/4-20
J :6.30mm
K :11.65mm
L :18.50mm
Weight :0.019000

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