14148 | 20 Series Drop-in Lite Panel Mount Block

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Product Description

The drop-in lite panel mount block is made of nylon and can be used to mount a panel flush with a profile edge or on the profile surface. It has a molded extension that acts as a T-slot stud and drops into the profile, perfect for instances where profile ends are captivated. The block is a cost-effective option that increases stability of the mounted panel while also reducing vibration. The drop-in lite panel mount block is easy to use and simplifies the process of adding or removing plastic panels.


Series :20 Series
Material :Nylon
Process :Injection Molded
Color :Black
A :15.70mm
B :9.40mm
C :8.10mm
D :14.10mm
E :4.50mm
F :7.60mm
G :12.60mm
H :20.75mm
J :5.05mm
K :M4 X 0.7
L :5.00mm
M :9.00mm
N :12.60mm
Weight :0.006000

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