9150 | 3 Way - Corner Connector

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Product Description

The 3 way - corner connector is made of nylon and is used with a Quick Frame profile which has built-in ridges that bite into the fastener to create tension without the use of additional hardware. It provides flush 90 degree connections of up to three Quick Frame profiles, convenient when you want to branch another profile off of a corner. The 3 way - corner connector is commonly used when transitioning between standard and flanged profiles and uses only a soft-faced mallet to form light-duty yet sturdy builds. It requires no additional hardware or machining services. Connecting flanged Quick Frame profiles at a 90 degree angle requires a 45 degree miter cut to connect without interference.


Series :Quick Frame
Material :Nylon
Process :Injection Molded
Color :Gray
A :1.000"
B :1.000"
C :.870"
D :1.125"
E :1.000"
F :2.125"
G :2.100"
Weight :0.099000

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