25-6797 | 25 Series T-Slot Insert Linear Bearing Pad

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Product Description

The T-slot insert linear bearing pad is commonly used with bearings to create linear motion and is made of self-lubricating white UHMW. It has a low coefficient of friction and is designed with rounded corners on the extruded pad, allowing simple installation and replacement. This pad is designed to slide into, and stabilize within, the T-slot. It comes with holes for mounting hardware and brake kits.


Series :25 Series
Material :UHMW PE
Process :Extruded
Finish :Smooth
Color :Natural
A :20.62mm
B :n/a
C :n/a
D :6.35mm
E :10.85mm
F :n/a
G :n/a
H :n/a
J :10.31mm
K :2.77mm
L :25.00mm
M :11.94mm
N :46.69mm
P :n/a
Q :5.33mm
R :4.06mm
S :2.79mm
T :5.08mm
U :50º
V :5.84mm
Weight :0.013000

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